Girls of Today and Women from the Past: When the History of Female Scientists is Used to Engage Girls with Science

Sandra Benitez Herrera, Patrícia Figueiró Spinelli


“Girls in the Museum” is a project aimed at school students to encourage them to explore scientific careers and engage with science. To achieve its goals, the project uses a variety of methodologies during the training sessions, always emphasizing the contributions of women to science and society throughout history. In one activity, the participants had to select 14 scientists and philosophers and compile their contributions in a talk that they presented in various Museum events. 1,5 years after the first presentation, we have interviewed and analysed the impressions and memories of the girls on this activity. The results show that the participants could still remember the history of the selected scientists and understand their scientific work because they felt represented. We argue that the historiography of women in sciences is a valuable resource that can be used in all educational levels as well as museums.


Women in STEM; Science Education; Science Communication; History Education; Science Museums.

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